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In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, AI applications are revolutionizing how businesses operate and compete across industries, including the legal sector. Understanding AI is no longer optional but essential for legal professionals who wish to stay relevant and ahead in their field. This workshop on AI and Law is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the potential of AI effectively and ethically.

This workshop will delve into the intersection of law and artificial intelligence. Participants will gain familiarity with various AI tools, exploring their practical applications in the legal domain. They will also learn about different regulatory responses to governing AI. Through hands-on activities, real life examples, case studies, and ethical dilemmas, attendees will develop a nuanced understanding of responsible AI practices in legal contexts.




Why Attend


AI technologies are increasingly being integrated into legal practices, from legal research and contract analysis to predictive analytics. By attending this workshop, participants will gain a foundational understanding of the various AI tools and technologies used in the legal domain. 


AI presents significant ethical and regulatory challenges, including issues of privacy, bias, and accountability. This workshop will delve into these ethical dilemmas, providing participants with the insights needed to navigate these complexities responsibly.   


As AI continues to shape the future of work, legal professionals must stay competitive, compliant, and ethically conscious. This workshop will prepare participants to engage in informed discussions about the ethical use of AI.    

Register for this comprehensive workshop to gain essential insights into AI applications in the legal domain and prepare for the
future by understanding how to leverage AI technologies responsibly and effectively.

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About the Instructor  

Kanan Dhru is the Senior Lecturer of Legal Technology at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS), where she teaches International Regulatory and Ethical Discourse on Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and the use of Technology within the legal system. She is part of the Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence and represents the university in projects like AI4Intelligence and AI for public safety.  

A law graduate from the London School of Economics, Kanan has been developing and researching innovative solutions in the legal domain since 2009. 

Kanan emphasizes that AI is transforming the future of legal careers by introducing roles that merge legal expertise with technology, necessitating new skill sets. She believes that the focus has shifted from questioning the use of AI to understanding "what and how" it should be used. 

Key Insights from Kanan Dhru's Recent Interactions on AI in Education: 


Embracing AI Tools

Understanding and discussing the optimal use of AI tools for student learning, including setting fair use policies for tasks such as assignments and research. 


Beyond ChatGPT

AI's potential in education extends beyond simple tools, offering possibilities for new assessment methods, gamified learning, and customized education tailored to individual learning needs.  


Ethical Dilemmas

The use of AI in education comes with ethical challenges. The EU AI Act classifies AI in education as high-risk, highlighting the need for a balance between optimal use and ethical boundaries.  

Kanan has been involved
in various lecture series,
talks, and blogs,

  1. Employment Network Event: Discussed "Artificial Intelligence and Future Careers in Law." 
  2. AI Expert Group: Participated in discussions on the impact of AI on society and ethics. 
  3. Public Safety: Wrote about AI for public safety, focusing on privacy and freedom concerns. 
  4. Future Global Framework on AI: Conducted a session on international approaches to AI regulation. 
  5. Kickstart AI Talk: Discussed challenges in regulating AI technology. 
  6. ELSA Lab: Deliberates on human-centric AI for public safety. 
  7. World Law Congress: Participated in a panel discussion on AI and ethics at the New York Bar Association.

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