Certified Legal Research [MCLR]

Gaining a Manupatra Certification in Online Legal Research sets you apart from the rest !

About MCLR

Literally everyone writes ‘good research skills’ in their resume. However, not everyone has something to show for it. Imagine having a certification in shopping from Amazon itself! Well, we are no Amazon but we are the pioneer of online legal research in India. Having a certification in online legal research from Manupatra can definitely give you an edge over others.

Manupatra Certified Legal Research [MCLR] Program: The Certification Test has been designed to enable users to assess their online legal research skills. The questions are across varying degree of difficulty.

There are online resources available on the site, which you can use to familiarise and learn before taking the tests.


The Certification has something to offer everyone:

If you are a legal professional , take the test to earn Certification and showcase your legal research skills.

If you are an employer , you can test your candidates’ research skills, or ask them for the Self- Certification to gauge their proficiency.

If you are a Law Student , train yourself to become proficient in online legal research.

If you are a College , you can encourage your students to attempt the tests and add the much required skill.

Manupatra Users , you should take this test to learn about various new features and functionality, we keep adding.

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