Webinar-AI & Law practice
Webinar-AI & Law practice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to emulate human-like intelligence and behavior. Generative AI specifically refers to machines' capability to produce text, images, and other content in patterns resembling those generated by humans.

While AI is no longer a new phenomenon, the initial excitement surrounding it prompted numerous legal experts to share extensive insights into its implications for the legal industry and practice.

The convergence of law and technology presents exciting possibilities for creative innovation, poised to reshape the practice and comprehension of law. However, the legitimate concern of AI potentially displacing lawyers underscores the need for a balanced approach. This involves the development of relevant policy frameworks and guidelines to address such challenges. Simultaneously, it calls upon the legal fraternity to proactively embrace this transformation, taking up the responsibility to upskill.

As the initial hype surrounding AI subsides, there is a compelling need for a thorough exploration and discussion on its implications for the various stakeholders in the legal industry.

In the 2 part webinar series we explore this aspect for the Legal Education and Law Practice.

AI and Legal Education

The introduction of artificial intelligence into legal education has brought forth a spectrum of advantages and disadvantages, sparking extensive debates among students, teachers, scholars, and academicians on the overall impact.

The webinar will explore various facets of how AI impacts legal education. It will provide insights into the expected knowledge and skills that will be essential for tomorrow's lawyers in the context of AI advancements. The session aims to elucidate the evolving role of law teachers, shedding light on the changing expectations placed upon them beyond the existing curriculum.

AI and Law Practice

This webinar will focus on the optimal strategies and evolving trends in the integration of AI within international legal practice. It will examine the current landscape, and delve into practical insights on how individuals in the legal profession can stay abreast of these changes. By exploring potential avenues for professional development and adaptation, the webinar seeks to provide concrete guidance for legal practitioners looking to navigate the dynamic landscape of AI.

Webinar-AI & Law practice

About the Speaker

Kanan Dhru is a Senior Lecturer in LegalTech at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.

A law graduate from London School of Economics, her areas of interest are legal technology, innovation and legal design. She teaches international regulatory and ethical discourse surrounding cyber security, artificial intelligence and use of technology within the legal system. She has had a stellar career with multiple accolades and recognitions to her name. She actively engages with the law community as a teacher and has conducted workshops on artificial intelligence and law.

She is also the co-founder of LawToons – a groundbreaking approach to simplify laws for children. She also started and headed Research Foundation for Governance in India - a think-tank on legal and political reforms.

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